How to use an olla?

Comment utiliser une olla?

The ollas are very easy to use, however here are some tips to better install your olla.

Install in the ground

Poke a small hole in the potting soil of your houseplant or balcony planter. Push the olla into it, leaving the enamelled upper part visible. Make sure that the buried part is in good contact with the ground. The roots of your plants will naturally grow towards the olla to draw the water they need.

Tip : If you have several plants in the same container, try to center the olla to make it easier for the roots to work.

Fill with water

Fill the olla with water and replace the cork stopper to prevent evaporation. Regularly check the water level and wait until the olla is completely empty before refilling it. Depending on the plant and its exposure, the filling time can vary from a few days to a week.

Tip : in the case of a new plant or transplanting, do not hesitate to water the soil directly for the first few days to encourage rooting around the olla.

Let it be...

Gradually the plant will install its roots around the olla to draw the water it needs, guaranteeing you good growth and healthy plants with ease. The amount of water used for watering is reduced, and you will thus avoid any water stress to your favorite plant.

Tip : We advise you to add your liquid fertilizers, compost teas or bokashi juice outside of the olla to avoid clogging the pores of the clay.

Care tips for ollas

The ollas or oyas require almost no maintenance. However, if you live in an area where the water is very calcareous, you can clean it from time to time with a sponge and a little diluted white vinegar, or use rainwater which will be both better for your plants but also for your ollas. If you place your olla Pepin in a window box or an outdoor pot, we advise you to bring it inside in the event of severe frost to avoid the risk of damaging it.