Plantcare routine

Complete set to adopt your new Plantcare routine.

The essentials for taking care of your plants like you take care of yourself 🫶

Composed of a cleansing mist, a nourishing green plant serum, a mini olla and a toner.

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Plantcare routine

Take a moment for yourself, to take care of your plants, so that this moment becomes a real ritual. Each plant needs care adapted to its needs.
The Plantcare Routine brings together everything you need to pamper your plants from leaves to roots.

Step 1: The cleansing mist.
Spray and gently wipe the leaves with a soft cloth.

Step 2: Nourishing green plant serum.
Add 2 drops to the water of your mini olla.

Step 3: Toner.
Spray on leaves and stems.

Made in

Made in France


1 time per week


1 cleansing mist, 1 nourishing green plant serum, 1 mini olla, 1 toner

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