Plantcare Serums

Serums are the heart of our Plantcare routine: nutrition
Houseplant SerumHouseplant Serum
Houseplant Serum Sale price8,90€
Neem OilNeem Oil
Neem Oil Sale price8,90€
Cactus SerumCactus Serum
Cactus Serum Sale price8,90€
Orchid SerumOrchid Serum
Orchid Serum Sale price8,90€
Willow water Willow water
Willow water Sale price8,90€
Cleansing mistCleansing mist
Cleansing mist Sale price13,90€
Toner - Protective sprayToner - Protective spray
Toner - Protective spray Sale price13,90€
Plantcare routine
Plantcare routine Sale price49,90€

Unlike outdoor plants, which benefit from soil that is constantly renewed naturally, indoor potted plants demineralize quickly.

Our nourishing serums contain all the essential nutrients to remedy this. Acting like vitamin cocktails for your plants, they nourish them in depth, stimulate the production of chlorophyll, their ability to absorb light and their resilience: visibly larger and more beautiful leaves, stronger stems and greater resistance to external attacks.

For our nourishing serums, made in France, in Brittany we use 100% natural formulas, based on marine algae. We use five brown and red algae, called Fucus vesiculosus, Laminaria, Lithothamnium calcareum, Ascophyllum and Chondrus & Mascarpus. These marine algae have incredible properties to nourish, stimulate the growth, photosynthesis, root system and defense mechanisms of indoor plants. They are harvested on site in northern Finistère, then dried and transformed into serum.