Pots autonomes

Self-watering pots

Meet Paula and George, our self-watering pots, who take care of (almost) everything.
pot autonomes Paula blanc grainépot autonome paula blanc grainé avec une belle plante verte qui pousse dessus
Paula - White speckled Sale price34,90€
pot autonomes Paula vert saugepot autonome paula jaune moutarde avec une belle plante verte qui pousse dessus
Paula - Sage green Sale price34,90€
pot autonomes Paula jaune moutarde pot autonome paula jaune moutarde avec une belle plante verte qui pousse dessus
Paula - Mustard yellow Sale price34,90€
George, ready-to-grow kit - White speckledGeorge, ready-to-grow kit - White speckled
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pot autonome george jaune moutarde avec trois sachets de graines George, the complete ready-to-grow kit - Mustard yellow
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pot autonome george vert sauge avec ses trois sachets de grainesGeorge, the complete ready-to-grow kit - Sage green

At Pepin, we have a passion: plants. But we also know how difficult it can be to water them properly. That's why we created the freestanding pot, a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, so that your plants are always hydrated to perfection.

Our freestanding pots are based on the Ollas irrigation technique, a gentle and ancestral method that uses the natural porosity of ceramic to hydrate plants. Water is stored in the pot and slowly escapes to hydrate the plant's roots.
It is a method that respects the natural rhythm of plants, providing them with the water they need, when they need it.

The different types of Pepin autonomous pots

Pot Paula

The Paula Pot is designed to provide a practical and aesthetic watering solution for your indoor plants. Made of porous ceramic in Portugal, it takes up the concept of olla while presenting a modern and elegant design.
Available in several colors, it fits perfectly into your interior decoration while ensuring continuous hydration of your plants.

Pot George

The George Pot is another innovative option for those who want to adopt a self-watering method. Also made of porous ceramic, this pot ensures slow and even diffusion of water, allowing your plants to get what they need, without the risk of overwatering or drought.
The George Pot comes with three sachets of organic seeds (basil, coriander, chives), natural potting soil without additives, and a user manual with recipes.
Like the Paula Pot, the George Pot is available in several colors to match your interior.

The advantages of Pepin autonomous pots

Natural and simplified hydration

Pepin freestanding pots provide natural, simplified hydration for your houseplants. Thanks to the porosity of the ceramic, water is diffused slowly and evenly, allowing the roots of your plants to hydrate at their own pace.
This saves significant water while ensuring your plants get exactly what they need.

An ecological and aesthetic solution

Using natural materials and an eco-friendly manufacturing process in Portugal, Pepin freestanding pots are not only practical but also eco-friendly. Their sleek, modern design blends seamlessly into any interior, adding an aesthetic touch while providing a vital function for your plants.
In addition, the ancestral technique of ollas, combined with contemporary design, makes Pepin free-standing pots a watering solution that is as beautiful as it is effective.

By choosing Pepin autonomous pots, you join a community passionate about Plantcare and dedicated to offering natural and effective solutions for plant care.
Our products are designed to be simple to use, accessible to all, and environmentally friendly.
Discover our range of freestanding pots and transform your plant care routine with an innovative and powerful solution.