Our tips for maintaining your indoor plants

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Comment fonctionnent les oyas?

How do oyas work?

Used for more than 2000 years, ollas are microporous ceramic jars that are buried, and which are traditionally used in market gardening, vegetable gardens or ornamental gardens. They can also be ...

C'est quoi une oya?

What is an oya?

This is the big trend of recent years combining plant decoration and ecological watering. Oyas, these pretty little ceramic jars to plant or bury, invest balconies, vegetable gardens and other p...

Comment utiliser une olla?

How to use an olla?

The ollas are very easy to use, however here are some tips to better install your olla. Install in the ground Poke a small hole in the potting soil of your houseplant or balcony planter. Push t...

Quelles plantes poussent le mieux avec les oyas?

What plants grow best with oyas?

The answer is simple: all plants! Whether it's ornamental flowers in balcony planters, indoor plants that spruce up your work-from-home space, or succulents, ollas will fit the bill. However, their...

Comment choisir ses oyas?

How to choose your oyas?

Natural, aesthetic and designed with recyclable materials, they make it possible to water the plants very gently, to save water and above all to be able to go on vacation without the hassle!