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Gift ideas

Discover our gift sets, for yourself or as a gift, to care for and cherish your houseplants

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coffret initiation avec une olla hydratante a planté terracotta et un sérum nourrissant plantes vertes
Plantcare Initiation Box Sale price23,90€ Regular price26,80€
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duo d'ollas hydratante a planté terracotta et blanc grainé
Ollas Duo - Terracottas Sale price39,90€ Regular price44,80€
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duo d'ollas hydratante a planté blanc et blanc et vert
Ollas Duo - Whites Sale price39,90€ Regular price44,80€
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coffret les iconiques sérum huile de neem, sérum nourrissant plantes vertes, olla hydratante à planté terracotta, olla hydratante a planté blanc grainé
The iconic box set Sale price49,90€ Regular price58,60€
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coffret pot autonomes jaune moutarde avec un sérum nourrissant plante vertepot autonomes Paula jaune moutarde avec une plante verte qui pousse dessus
Paula box Sale price37,90€ Regular price41,80€
Plant care box Plant care box
Plant care box Sale price25,90€
Olla Hydratante Blanc Graine - Édition limitée "Merci"Olla Hydratante à planté Blanc Grainé
Olla Hydratante Jaune Moutarde - Édition limitée "Merci"Olla Hydratante Jaune Moutarde
Olla Rayé vert et blanc - Édition limitée "Merci"Olla Hydratante à planté Rayé vert et blanc
Olla Hydratante Terracotta - Édition limitée "Merci"Olla Hydratante Terracotta

The boxes are the result of thought dedicated to plant lovers (whether they have a green thumb or not). Each box contains the essentials to ensure the growth, maintenance and well-being of all your indoor plants.
Whether you want to grow new plants, maintain the ones you already have or simply give them special care, our boxes are there to meet every need.
Made with love, they are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who loves greenery.

The different types of Pepin gift boxes

The Paula box

The Paula Box is ideal for those starting out in the world of Plantcare or for those wishing to enrich their plant collection. This box contains a selection of essential products to guarantee the health and growth of your plants:

  • Ceramic Ollas : These natural water diffusers provide constant and balanced hydration for your plants. Made of ceramic, they add an aesthetic touch to your interior.
  • 100% natural serums : Our serums are made from marine algae and are designed to nourish and protect your plants. Each serum is tailored to a specific type of plant, ensuring optimal growth and increased disease resistance.

Duo of Ollas

The ollas duo is perfect for those looking to maximize the hydration of their plants. These ollas are handmade by our artisans and are designed to regulate the watering of your plants in a natural and effective way. By using ollas you ensure uniform water distribution, which is essential for the well-being of your plants.

Limited edition boxes

Special edition “Thank you” boxes

Our limited edition boxes are perfect for special occasions for children to thank their teacher, master, ATSEM and nannies for this wonderful year spent by their side! They contain a selection of Pepin products, an olla and a serum.
These boxes are not only practical but also stylish, making them an ideal gift for any plant lover.

Plantcare initiation box

For those looking for a unique gift idea, the “Olla à Planter” gift box is perfect. It includes a ceramic planting olla, which naturally regulates plant hydration, as well as a nourishing serum to ensure healthy growth.
This set is a fantastic choice for a simple and optimal Plantcare routine.

By choosing a Pepin gift box, you are offering more than just a product.
You share an experience, a moment of well-being and connection with nature. Our boxes are designed to be simple, accessible and beneficial for all houseplants.