Telecommuting: 5 ideal plants for your office

olla à planter dans un pot avec le bouchon en liège retirer

What if you gave a little green touch to your telework space? Furnishing your office with indoor plants is a simple way to integrate a bit of nature into your daily professional life, or your long days of study. Discover below our selection of the perfect plants to green your office at home.

Plants can very quickly beautify any space. But did you know that they also have the ability to increase your concentration, or reduce your stress? A recent study has shown that the presence of indoor plants in a professional space can increase the performance and well-being of employees, but also reduce sick leave. So we don't tell you that plants work miracles, do we? But these questions are being studied more and more, and many exciting subjects like crystal botany are being studied at the moment, and seem to corroborate what some have long suspected.

In the meantime, what is certain is that more and more of us are telecommuting, and the intertwining of professional and personal life forces us to rethink the way we furnish our interiors. One of the positive sides is that it becomes possible to create spaces in our image, borrowing from our sensibilities, in complete freedom. So if you tend to like recharging your batteries with long walks in the forest, or if hiking is one of your favorite hobbies, it's a safe bet that a natural atmosphere in your office will have beneficial effects for you. Here are 5 ideal and easy-care plants to get started:

1. The snake plant (sansevieria)

The snake plant is very famous because it is part of the podium of the most filtering plants studied by NASA. It has been shown to have the power to eliminate toxins like formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. In its natural environment, it has evolved to survive drought. Undeniable advantage when you have little time to devote to your plants… You will only have to water it once every few weeks. Its thin, slender leaves, resembling reptile skin, give it a unique look, and make it an essential plant for a workspace.

2. The ZZ plant (Zamioculcas)

This plant, very popular in decoration, has the advantage of being easy to maintain, and of having a vertical habit which makes it easy to place on a desk. Its long thick stems and waxy leaves give it a lot of elegance. Its buried potato-like rhizomes allow it to store water, making 'ZZ' a hardy and highly drought-tolerant plant. Watering every 2 weeks when the soil is dry will be sufficient. She will do well in indirect light, but can also tolerate low light. Ideal for dressing an area where you don't really know which plant to put.

3. Pothos

Pothos is a very popular plant that is often found in medical offices, stores, or restaurants. Its easy-going nature makes it a go-anywhere plant that adapts to many different interiors. Indirect light or semi-shaded space suit it very well. Its water needs are also moderate (1 watering every 10-15 days). There are many varieties, with various colors. And it is even possible to grow them in suspension for a very decorative hanging effect.

4. Philodendron

The best known philodendron is the monstera. A robust plant, it will grow best in intense light, but will still tolerate occasional shade. Infrequent but gradual watering will suit it perfectly, in particular to avoid the phenomenon of guttation which could be annoying near a computer for example. A simple way to remedy this is to opt for the installation of an oyas to plant .

5. Bird's Nest Fern

The ideal plant for the most travelers among you. Its long wavy deep green leaves, articulated around a central rosette, give a small tropical atmosphere, which will help you wait for a deserved vacation. Its other advantage is that it is considered a "pet friendly" plant, which will allow you to let your cat purr by its side, while you finish the report due yesterday...