The Spring routine for indoor plants in great shape 🪴

olla à planter dans un pot avec le bouchon en liège retirer

1. Check your plants 👀

You can already get an idea of ​​the condition of your plants at first glance: the leaves should be green and firm, without spots or holes. 🌿

Also check under the branches that parasites have not settled there, as this could weaken your plants and ultimately cause them to die.

Finally, make sure their location is bright and humid enough to meet their needs. 💦

2. Watch out for parasites 👾

If, despite all the good care you have given to your plants, insects spread on them, it is absolutely necessary to eliminate them.

To avoid harming the health of your plants or that of your animals, the best way to get rid of these parasites is Neem oil.

It disrupts hormones and their reproductive cycles when it is sprayed over the entire plant to be treated. 🚿

3. Strengthen the growth of your plants 📈

Each plant may have specific needs, avoid giving the same care to your cacti or orchids as to your green plants. 🪴

Cacti have very low nitrogen requirements while orchids require a lot and green plants are in the middle.

Choose a natural fertilizer made from plants and algae. Used every other time in the watering water, it gives them a boost and promotes healthy growth. 🌟

4. Plants in great shape 💪

Either too much or not enough, most houseplants quickly end up dying when watering is not controlled. 🍂

If the leaves become yellow and drooping, or the soil is constantly wet, opt for the use of Ollas to make your plants independent in their water management.

Since the Ollas are made of microporous clay, the water gently seeps into the earth, where the roots collect the water themselves. 💧