7 Ideas to Celebrate World Houseplant Appreciation Day

7 idées pour célébrer la journée mondiale d’appréciation des plantes d’intérieur

January 10 is World Houseplant Appreciation Day. A unique opportunity for plant lovers to celebrate their leafy companions. But also for novices to learn a little more about the benefits they can bring us. Both joyful after the holidays, and educational, this day is an opportunity to become aware of the wonderful world of plants. But also to realize that it can be at hand, whether green or not. So if the after Christmas cockroach has set in, jump at the chance. Put away the greyness in the closet, and bet on a green interior while waiting for spring!

What are the benefits of indoor plants? In addition to bringing a splash of color and a sweet scent to your home, having plants in your living space can provide you with significant health benefits. They provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation when they are part of our interior. Studies have shown that putting plants in your telework space reduces stress and increases concentration and creativity. They improve air quality. Through photosynthesis, they capture CO2 from the ambient air to transform it into oxygen. They regulate the humidity of the ambient air, refreshing it in summer and making it less dry in winter. Good air humidity can reduce headaches, respiratory problems, and alleviate allergies. Some plants have a depolluting effect, and can eliminate toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. A NASA study has demonstrated the air-purifying abilities of plants. They even recommend that each 150m2 house host 15 to 18 plants. It may seem like a lot. But with a bit of creativity, you quickly arrive at the account… a window box with edible plants for seasonings, medicinal plants like aloe vera in your bathroom, and the collection is launched…

SO? What if setting up a small corner of greenery in your home became one of your good resolutions for the coming year? Here are 7 ideas to celebrate it, whether you're a monstera nerd or a total neophyte:

1. Treat yourself to a new indoor plant

What better way to celebrate National Houseplant Appreciation Day than to expand your collection? Go for a walk in your favorite shop or discover the new trendy urban garden centers in your city. You will undoubtedly find the philodendron or the succulent there which will bring you a little fun to spend the last weeks of winter. And it seems that plants communicate and grow better between girlfriends. Take the opportunity to rearrange their layout. They will get to know each other better...

2. Music for plant growth?

More and more studies show that plants have feelings. Even if this is debated in the scientific community on certain aspects, it seems accepted that they react to music. Plants would indeed be able to perceive the vibrations of sound waves, and this would help their growth… We let you judge for yourself thanks to this article…

3. Find a new decorative watering can

Appreciating your plants is also enjoying caring for them. Take the opportunity to find a nice new watering can. And make sure it finds its place in your decor. So you won't forget to water your plants!

4. Shower your houseplants

Plants also like a little shower once in a while. With water at room temperature (25-30 degrees) and not with too strong a jet, you dust them in the blink of an eye! And who says less dust on the leaves, says more photosynthesis. This will help them grow faster and easier. In addition, a shower will remove any parasites present.

5. Ollas to water them gently

Watering is a fundamental subject for houseplants, and yet it is often too neglected. Plants need gradual watering. By offering them an olla to plant , these microporous clay water reservoirs, you will allow your plants to regulate their own water needs with ease. And as long as you do, indulge yourself at the same time by choosing a model that will blend into your interior decoration.

6. Treat yourself to a book on houseplants

Because the universe of the plant world is infinite, treat yourself to a book on indoor plants. Sit quietly on your sofa and enjoy a moment of relaxation, just for you, in the little corner of nature that you have set up in your home...

7. Crystals to boost the health of my plants: the "crystal botany"

Ever heard of crystal botany? Still quite confidential, this new trend proposes to combine crystals with our plants to boost their natural benefits.

Dates for National Houseplant Appreciation Days. Tuesday January 10, 2023 Wednesday January 10, 2024 Friday January 10, 2025 Saturday January 10, 2026 …