Our gift ideas for plant lovers

olla à planter dans un pot avec le bouchon en liège retirer

We all have in our entourage an apprentice permaculturist or a lover of green plants. Finding the original gift that will surprise them can be a challenge.
To help you, we have selected useful, decorative and ethical gift ideas that will delight your loved ones.
And don’t panic, there’s something for every budget!

Practical and ecological gifts

Practical, eco-friendly gifts are perfect for plant lovers. They combine utility, aesthetics and respect for the environment, making them ideal choices for memorable gifts.

An olla to plant

Ollas are microporous ceramic diffusers that diffuse water gradually , thus simplifying watering of plants.
They provide water savings of up to 70%, making them ideal for contemporary and committed gardeners.
These ollas are perfect for urban dwellers who wish to combine utility, ecology and interior decoration.

Pepin serum

All plants need a little boost from time to time. Pepin serums are made from marine algae, recycled shellfish and plant extracts.
Packaged in aesthetic and refillable glass vials, it finds pride of place on your shelves. It deeply nourishes your plants and stimulates their growth, while being environmentally friendly.

Decorative and elegant gifts

Plant lovers love integrating nature into their decor.
Here are some elegant gift ideas that will bring a touch of greenery to any interior.

Chic plantcare accessories

The trend is towards elegant, green chic and ecological. Plantcare Pepin accessories are designed to combine aesthetics and practicality.
From designer watering cans to ceramic pots, these accessories will beautify any living space while making plant care easier.

Indoor gardening kits

Indoor gardening kits are perfect for those who love DIY and decoration.
They include everything you need to start growing houseplants, from potting soil to gardening tools to seeds.
These kits are not only practical but also very decorative.

Why choose Pepin products?

Pepin is committed to offering high-quality products that make plant lovers happy. Our products are designed to be aesthetic, practical and environmentally friendly.
By choosing Pepin products, you show your loved ones that you care about their well-being and that of the planet.

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