A Pepin-style love story for Valentine’s Day 🌱💕

olla à planter dans un pot avec le bouchon en liège retirer

Dear plant lovers,

This Valentine's Day, we have a special story to tell you. It is the story of an unexpected love, of an encounter between two people who were made for each other. This is the story of Olga l'Olla and Marcus the ficus.

🌿 The beginning of a beautiful story

Marcus, a graceful and vivacious ficus, lived alone in his pot, dreaming of companionship that truly understood his needs. He needed someone who could feed him, pamper him and above all understand him.

Olga was not a simple Olla. She was elegant, handcrafted with the finest ceramic, and possessed an exceptional gift. She knew exactly how much water Marcus needed, and when he needed it. Olga was ready to give him all the attention and care he dreamed of.

💧 The meeting that changes everything

When Olga was placed next to Marcus, it was love at first sight. She slipped gently into the earth beside her roots, sharing her water with perfect precision. Marcus felt himself revived, his leaves becoming greener, stronger, and blooming like never before. He, who had been tarnished by life and forgetting to water, was regaining a taste for it.

🏖 It’s love in the earth (AH OR TCHA-TCHA-TCHA)

Thanks to Olga, Marcus was never too thirsty or too drowned again. He found in her a reliable and caring partner, who took care of him day after day. As for Olga, she was delighted to see Marcus flourish, knowing that she played a crucial role in his life.

💌 A lesson in love and care

This love story between Olga and Marcus is not just a fairy tale. It symbolizes the perfect relationship we want between our products and your beloved plants.

Love is in the little details, and your plants deserve all the love in the world. 💚🌼
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