Interior decoration: The transformative power of plants

olla à planter dans un pot avec le bouchon en liège retirer

Today we are going to talk about our 2 passions: plants and interior decoration. We promise you stories, an ode to our dear plant friends and lots of advice. And above all 3 minutes of pleasure (the time to read the article, we specify…)

The benefits of plants in interior decoration

In the contemporary world of interior design, plants have transcended their traditional role to become real protagonists of decoration. They bring a touch of vitality and freshness that revitalizes and transforms spaces. We no longer consider plants not only as decorative elements but as life companions who share our daily lives, our home, our cocoon.

Plants add a lot to our decor and our little world, adding not only color and texture, but also a feeling of life and growth that evolves over time. Like real true acolytes that we would see grow up (and to whom we would say: “oh you know, I knew you as high as 3 apples”).

Unlike static decorative elements, plants grow, respond to their environment and go through life cycles that reflect the seasons and the passage of time.

In addition, they are real creators of atmospheres. They can be used to soften rigid architectural lines, to introduce freshness into certain empty spaces or to add a small layer of visual complexity to minimalist decors. These are stories of inspiration and feelings, plants and interior decoration are the perfect alliance.

Select the ideal plants for your space

These lovely ladies allow us to personalize our living spaces in a unique way! They reflect our personal tastes, our lifestyle and even our aspirations. They become decorative elements with which we interact daily, taking care of them as they take care of us. Yes, they take care of us! They purify our air and above all they are good for our morale. Who has never been ecstatic in front of a new leaf after a really bad day? In short, we love them everywhere and at all times.

Little care tips for your indoor plants

It is important to choose plants suitable for each space. Consider light, humidity and available space. Shade plants like Zamioculcas are ideal for rooms with little light, while cacti (and succulents) prefer full sun. Let's not forget that they are returning from Mexico and that they must endure the gloomy weather in Paris...

And for your office, we give you the 5 ideal plants for teleworking! Plants that will help you become as focused as a kung fu master!

Inspiring decorating ideas with indoor plants

Playing with heights: shelves and suspensions

You can create height levels. Wait, let's explain, use plant supports of different heights to create an interesting dynamic in your space. Combining plants of different sizes creates an effect of depth and volume. Try it, it's pretty hot.

Color palette: pots and plant accessories

For everyone who loves color: play with it and tame it. Bring out the Kandisky in you . Pots and plants offer an endless palette of colors. Combine the colors of the pots with those of the walls or furniture for a harmonious effect or opt for bold contrasts to make certain areas stand out. You have the cards (rather the color chart) in your hands.

Our little Design tips

We don't pretend to be Philippe Starck, but we'll give them to you anyway

Mix pot styles. The combination of ceramic, terracotta, metal or even recycled material pots can add a touch of originality to your interior. We love it! When a pot stands out from the ordinary and seems mismatched with your interior, it brings even more attention to it. And ultimately, that’s not what we want? Let everyone look at and appreciate our sublime collection of plants? Yes, yes, we agree (ultimate goal)

You can use plants as space dividers. Let's explain: in large open spaces or studios, plants can serve as natural dividers, creating "rooms" without completely closing them off. To avoid large empty spaces (and in particular questionable screens), plants can dress up an entire space and create more.

Accentuate focal points. A towering plant or indoor tree can become a stunning focal point in a room. Place a large plant next to a window or in an empty corner to attract the eye. You will see, she will become the real star.

All this to say that plants and interior design share a common goal: transforming spaces into places where life is good .

And there you have it, we hope you like this article and will make you want to go to the garden center and get a new plant ;) Or add our Paula autonomous pot to your basket, the most useful designer pot of all! If you like it, don't hesitate to share it with your plantlover friends, and let us know. We love receiving your feedback and recommendations. It’s still very valuable to us. Thank you 💌

Photo credit: @joelixjoelix